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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mother's Day in Nicaragua

May 31st  was Mother's Day in Nicaragua and I have to pay a little tribute to what I have witnessed over the last five months. Many of the families that live next to us do not have fathers. Several have left to find work in another country and only come home a few times a year, while others have simply chosen to leave.  The mothers are left to do everything. It is obvious that some of them are struggling, but most of these women just keep on going by taking care of family, work, and household. There is an inner strength that you can see in them. I realize that mothers being left to handle everything is not just an issue here in Nicaragua. I have witnessed over the years many women left to bear the responsibility of raising the children, working to pay the bills and take care of household duties. Although Mothers Day in the States has come and gone, we need to honor Mother's every day. Their inner strength and will to continue in the face of difficult situations is admirable. The school and Church both had special programs to honor all the mother's.  Mother's Day is a big celebration in Nicaragua and of course, Kim didn't mind celebrating Mother's Day twice this year! Unfortunatley for me, Father's Day is the same day in Nicaragua as it is in the states, so I only get one day of celebration.

We were blessed to have a visit from Andrea and Maggie Nash.  We took them to see many neat places and things in Nicaragua (volcano, rainforrest with monkeys, cathedrals, just to name a few) but if you ask them what their favorite thing was, they would say "the kids at the school".   Andrea asked lots of questions about the school and sponsoring a child.  When Kim explained to her that it was $30 a month for a child to attend school,  provide a uniform and school supplies and give them a meal, Andrea asked "Why am I not doing this?  Well, I am now"!  Andrea was able to pick from about 40 children that currently do not have sponsors. 

Andrea and Jose Ramon

 Look below at some of the kids who still need a sponsor.






Brisa Isabella

If you have $30  a month you can spare, call Christy Lovelace at 731 427-9511 and let her know.  $30 a month.........we spent that or more on one family meal at Don Panchos!

Sponsoring a child is one way you can help the mother's in Nicaragua.  Knowing that their children are receiving an excellent education, being fed a meal and learning about God gives these mothers peace of mind and hope for their childs' future.  In 6 months we will begin a new school year and have 35 or more new students that need sponsors.  Please prayfully consider this opportunity.

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