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Saturday, July 30, 2011

We are back in Nicaragua after a two week visit to the states.  When we moved here in January, we had a one way ticket with no plans of returning to the states until December, however due to Visa regulations we were required to leave Nicaragua after 180 days.  Although this was not our plan, it was God’s plan and God’s plans are perfect.  This trip to the states could not have come at a better time.  We didn’t realize how spiritually starved we were. Although we feel that we are doing God’s work, we needed to be renewed. We had a wonderful time of worship, fellowship and enjoyed more familiar cuisine while in America. We felt a sense of refreshment and renewal and were excited to get back to Nicaragua.

Since it has been a while since our last blog, here’s an update of what has been going on.
The last week of June, a group from Murfreesboro, TN conducted a Vacation Bible School at Nicaragua Christian School. The day before VBS began, the group handed out 600 invitations to the three communities that surround the school. There were 179 in attendance the first day! 

Puppet show at VBS

Some of the kids who attended VBS with their teacher

Sergio leading songs at VBS

We decided to celebrate Independence Day with traditional American 4th of July food (hot dogs and hamburgers) and other American missionary families.  Although there were no fireworks, we were thankful to share this special day with new friends.

Our soccer ministry will begin this week.  The 3rd and 4th grade boys are so excited and have asked a hundred times what day and time practice begins. While in TN, we were blessed with many donations for this ministry from money to soccer balls, cleats, shin guards and even uniforms.  We are just as excited as the 3rd and 4th grade boys for soccer to begin!

Kora and Jaden began attending school the day after we returned from TN. They both have enjoyed their first few days of classes. Praise God!  Hopefully, they will continue to enjoy it once the newness wears off. They will probably be fluent in Spanish by our next visit to the states considering all their classes are taught in Spanish, except an English class, which we expect an A in. 

Jaden proudly wearing his school uniform


Kim and Kora after returning from Kora's first day of school

Our farm will be ready to harvest in about 2 weeks.  We can’t believe how fast the crops have grown.  We have decided to sell a portion of the crops to raise money for the school and share the rest with the students’ families at Nicaragua Christian School. 


Our first watermelon

Some of the corn stalks are taller than James

We are looking forward to seeing what God will do the second half of the year here in Leon.  We can honestly feel the prayers being lifted on our behalf and ask that you continue to pray for our family and the students at Nicaragua Christian School.  Prayer is a powerful thing. We couldn’t do this without the prayers, support and encouragement we have received since we embarked on this journey. Thank you.

Dios te Bendiga (God Bless you),
James and Kim

View of the sunset from our porch, just another reminder of what an awesome God we serve!

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  1. God is truly blessing you all. And you are a veritable blessing to many! Love you guys and love what ya'll are doing! Wish I could make such an impact like ya'll are making.

    Keep up the great work! I have nothing monetarily to give, but God has it all. So my prayers are for His abundant blessings to be poured out over you!

    God bless!