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Thursday, February 23, 2012

And so it begins....

The 2012 school year at Nicaragua Christian School began February 13th with approximately 270 students!  Here are some pics of some of the students in the three year old class:

There are 35 three year olds who need sponsors and several new students in other classrooms who need to be sponsored, as well. Visit the school website at  to find out more about sponsoring a child.

New this year....

 A playground

 and a kitchen on campus

Preparing lunch for the students

We are also hoping to complete a library and soccer field this school year.  Speaking of the library.....we are in desperate need of books.  You can find children's books in spanish at  Please buy a book, or two, or more to donate to NCS.  Books can be dropped off at Campbell Street Church of Christ. There is a group from Jackson Christian School that will be coming to NCS over spring break March 9th-16th and they can bring the books with them.  The students can't wait for the library to open!

Another program we hope to kick off this year is the Elsie Tee Rudd Project SHARE (Sharing Hope and Resources with Everyone). This program was designed to provide families in Nicaragua with an opportunity to end the cycle of poverty for their family. With the help of funds given in honor of Elsie Tee Rudd (who recently celebrated her 100th birthday), this project will supply families with livestock to breed, sell, or trade. These families will in turn provide the project with offspring which will continue to expand the project to other families.

We were honored to receive a goat as a gift from our neighbor.  This gift was not intended to be a pet, as our children had hoped, but for food.  After caring for him for a week and despite the protests from Kora and Jaden, the goat was grilled and served following Sunday worship services.  Kora and Jaden did not attend the fellowship meal because they didn't want to even see the goat meat.  Kim attended the meal, but did not partake of the goat saying that she can't eat an animal that she has met.  Everyone else seemed to enjoy the goat.

Our neighbor, his son and the goat
Jaden's protest signs
"Save the goat"

On February 4th, the church at Primero de Mayo held a Vacation Bible School.  There were about 100 people who attended.  The morning included singing, crafts, balloon animals, face painting, games and snacks.  We look forward to seeing what else God has planned for this community.   


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  2. Yay! A playground! So excited about all the new things happening on campus. If all goes well, I will be bringing a load of books for the library and stay to help organize that effort. :) Keep up the good work, but know that we miss you terribly here in Jackson. (Maggie is especially missing Kora) Take care and keep us posted. Love to y'all!