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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jackson Christian School is here!!!

The JCS group is here!!! They brought us some more things from friends and family, so Christmas came early again for us. The best gift they have brought is the singing. We love to listen to their voices as they lift praises to our God. Our devotional last night brought tears to Kim’s eyes. Ok, I admit I might have had a tear, but the sun was in my eyes, or maybe a piece of sand. Seriously, it has been a blessing and joy to share that time with them. It is great to see the positive spiritual impact on Kora and Jaden that the JCS group is having. Jaden will come up and ask to have a prayer or if we can sing this song or that. We love it! The best devotional was at the cross on the beach.

For my list of things I do not love… Claro tops the list right now. It is a phone, internet and TV company. We have been trying to get internet here for the last 3 weeks and they keep making up excuses of why they can’t do it (ie. The distance of the line is over 200 meters, all the lines are full, they can’t run a line across the street…..REALLY?) Apparently, Claro makes a lot of money and does not need any new business. Thankfully, Chris Brush went around with Summer and took pictures of the phone lines and showed the manager that what they were saying was not true. He said he will send a technician out tomorrow. (Sounds familiar) I am beginning to not like the word tomorrow.

By the way, the school is in need of more people to sponsor a child and we are beginning to raise the money needed for a high school. It would be great if you could ask your church or a church that you know of that is mission minded to schedule a time for David McCrary to come speak and present information about the school. There are many ways God is using the school here to end the cycle of poverty and teach the children principles that give eternal life. Besides paying for their education, sponsoring a child covers their uniform, and books. We also provide a meal (for some of the children this is their only meal for the day) and weekly bible lessons.  Check out the school website at  for more information on how you can help.

Another exciting event is a new preacher has been hired and he will begin holding worship services at the school the first weekend in April.  He has already had several Bible studies at the school and has gone into the nearby neighborhoods to meet the families.  He organized a great youth rally for young adults this past Saturday that was really inspiring and I am excited to see what great things God will use him and his family to accomplish.  

Thanks for your continued prayers, encouragement and support. 


  1. Hey James!
    Sounds like the important things are going well! An alternative to the internet, you could always train pigeons to carry updates back to the states! =)

    Anyway, I clicked on that link for the school, but could not find anything. After doing a search for "Nicaragua Christian School", I did find a website called that looks like what you are talking about. But the website, '' was not valid.

    Love hearing the updates!

  2. You are right!! I got to typing and just entered the name of the school. Thanks for the heads up.