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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life after JCS

We were very sad to see the group from JCS leave.  They brought us such joy and encouragment while they were here.  I still catch myself humming the songs that we sang with them at our evening devotionals.  
One song in particular, "Someday"  reminds me of Claro. Someday we will have internet at the house, but today is not that day. Still waiting for Claro!!  We have been working with them for over a month now trying to get internet at the school, but we believe it will be worth it.
Whenever Kim goes to the grocery store, a young man named Jason always runs over to her and in his best Spanglish attempts to inform her that he will watch her vehicle for her while she is inside, which I find funny since there is a security guard already working the parking lot. This last week he earned his keep when a 15 passenger van parked behind the truck, blocking Kim in. After Jason’s failed attempt  to get the attention of the owner by honking the horn on the van, Jason and a friend put the van in neutral and pushed it out of the way, rescuing Kim from what would have been certain boredom.
 My unusual experience for the week was a little different. I had the pleasure of escorting our 5 preachers to a meeting in Masaya which is about 2 hours away. I basically played the role of taxi, because I didn’t understand anything they said at the meeting(still on a preschool level with my 2nd language).  The one thing that did strike me was at the end of the meeting, after eating our meals several of the men left to take care of their bill and a few folks were scattered about the room. A few people wandered in trying to sell various items, and one woman caught my attention. I tried to keep a careful watch, because many of the preachers’ bags were still lying about. I watched her stroll around the room and stop in front of my things and then I saw her reach in to grab something… I was ready to pounce on the would be thief... how dare she take my pen or notebook.  I was shocked to see that what she grabbed was my left over chicken bones off of my plate. She then proceeded to thoroughly clean what scraps of meat were left. I could not believe it, and she showed no signs of embarrassment or trying to hide it. She just dug in. I think that demonstrated to me that many of the people I see day in and day out here in Nicaragua are in survival mode. They are trying to do what they can to eat and provide basic needs.
We had our first Church service at the school today. Kim, Summer, Kora and Jaden enjoyed teaching their first Sunday school class in espanol. There were 21 children from the families of the school, and we hope to see many of their parents in the future as well. But for now we will rejoice that we are planting seeds in the hearts of the children.   


  1. James and Kim,
    I am so proud of the work you are doing for the Lord. I found your blog because of your link on FB. I'm going to be in prayer for your family, and I'm going to link your blog to my own so that I can keep up with you!
    ~Andrea Stark Bishop

  2. So good to see your blog. sorry I did not arrive here until now. Prayers for your amazing work. Praise God!