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Saturday, April 30, 2011

100 days

Today marks our 100th day living in Nicaragua. Yesterday, we talked about how the 100th day of school is celebrated and brainstormed ways we could celebrate our 100th day here.  Well, the day began with no electricity or water.  After several hours, Kora said “this feels more like a punishment than a celebration”.  We encouraged her to think of ways to make it a celebration and she said “it’s like a nursing home celebration because we have nowhere to go and nothing to do”.  Thankfully minutes after she said that, the electricity came on, however we are still waiting on water.  Glad we got showers last night.  So, here are hundred things we have learned in our 100 days in Nicaragua:

100) All water is not treated equally
99) Culture shock is real
98) You CAN ride five people on a motorcycle
97) Fresh meat day is Wednesday
96) You don’t want to miss fresh meat day
95) Our favorite treat -Bosita’s are only 1 cordoba (5 cents)
94) Riding in the bed of the truck can be comfortable
93) We love air conditioning
92) We wish gas prices were only $4.00
91) Our neighbor sells bositas
90) We like our Neighbor
89) Roosters cannot tell time
88) Gas ovens are a fire hazard
87) Keep a fire extinguisher close to your oven
86) You can use your motorcycle to transport propane tanks
85) God has a plan for Nicaragua
84) A good wage in Leon is $1.50 per hour
83) Nicaragua has earthquakes… 2 so far
82) It is hot here
81) You can sled down a volcano
80) Power outages are a common occurrence
79) Having your water shutoff is never at a convenient time
78) Jesus loves you
77) Todo es posible con Dios
76) Prescriptions are not required
75) The police do not have to have a reason to pull you over
74) it is very hot here
73) We have not seen any precipitation in our first 100 days
72) A haircut is $1.50
71) For $2.50 you can have your truck cleaned inside and out
70) There is no minute rice here. Only hour rice
69) A movie ticket here is only $2.00
68) You can get a schwarme in Nicaragua
67) Milk comes in a bag
66) We receive many hugs every day from the students at NCS
65) We like living 30 minutes from the beach
64) There are many beautiful cathedrals in Leon
63)  There are 208 students at NCS
62)  It takes a REALLY long time to get internet
61)  We are thankful to have internet at our house
60) Skype is our friend
59)  God has a plan for you
58) They sell octopus at the grocery store
57) Nicaragua is beautiful
56)  There are lots of interesting insects in Nicaragua
55) There is Price Mart (Costco) in Managua
54)  There is a McDonalds in Managua
53)  We like to go to Managua
52) We love to have American visitors
51) We will be traveling to Tennessee in  66  days
50) There is a Goodwill store in Nicaragua
49) There are several geckos living with us
48) There are a lot of one way streets in Leon, and they are not all marked
47) It’s much cooler in Matagalpa, Nicaragua
46) It’s  very hot here
45) We have a vision to build Mission Team housing on the property of NCS
44) Hammocks are extremely comfortable
43) There are orthodontists in Nicaragua
42) We have been to the orthodontist here
41) Our dogs ate Kora’s retainers
40) Magic Jack is cool
39) We covet your prayers
38) Many children in Nicaragua have to work to help support their family
37) Driving in Nicaragua is dangerous
36) Grass is cut by machetes
35) Winter temperatures in Nicaragua are in the 90’s
34) It’s extrememly hot here
33) You have to stand in line for at least 30 minutes to use an ATM machine
32) Nicaragua is a special place
31) It’s an experience to worship in a different language
30)  We know more Spanish than we did 100 days ago
29) Our dogs think it’s really hot here
28) We are very blessed
27) Pizza is served with ketchup
26) It’s normal to see cattle walking on the road
25) A horse is used as a lawn mower at a nearby baseball field
24) Some of the children that attend NCS live in houses made of cardboard and trash bags
23) Some of our students at NCS will only eat once a day (the meal at school)
22)God is so good
21) Love is understood in any language
20) There are a lot of stray dogs in Nicaragua
19) Living in Nicaragua is an adventure
18) A police officer won’t give you a ticket if you can’t understand what he is saying
17)Did I mention….it’s really hot here
16) A doctor’s visit and medicine cost about $10
15)Time is overrated
14) Pinatas come in “people size”
13) We have a vision to build earthbag houses in our neighborhood
12)  They do not observe daylights savings time
11) Because Nicaragua is so close to the equator, sunrise and sunset are the same time every day
10) Prayer is powerful
9) We can fit 15 people in our truck
8) More people travel by bicycles than by cars
7)  We want hundreds of people to come and see the work God is doing in Nicaragua
6) We want you to come to Nicaragua
5) We miss our family and friends
4) We have a vision to feed the communities surrounding us
3) Sunscreen is a necessity
2) Tomorrow is an undefined amount of time
1) We are thankful God blessed us with this opportunity

What have you learned in the past 100 days?


  1. Very cool (I mean hot). BTW, I've seen 18 people in your truck. And yes, God is so good.

  2. I'd like to see one of those people sized pinatas!