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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Did you ever wonder...

Did you ever wonder what God could do with your life if you gave it all to Him? I don't mean saying "here I am Lord" and hand Him your little pinky finger and hopes He doesn't pull too hard. I mean really stepping out there and saying "here I am Lord, send me!!! All I have is yours, all that I am is yours and I will withhold nothing from you". Have you ever wondered what God could do with your life if you made that kind of statement? Are you scared wondering what will He do? It is hard to take Jesus's hand when you have both hands wrapped tightly around your posessions.

Try this, in a room full of people have them close their eyes and walk around. Everyone is walking slow trying not to bump too hard into each other. This is what we are doing with our lives right now, we can't see the future so we are walking slowly with hands out, not taking too much risk because we don't want to get hurt or hurt others. Now take the hand of someone that can see and have them lead you. Suddenly your more confident. You probably still follow them at a distance with a hand on their shoulder (because you still lack confidence in them). This is the lives of some Christians, trusting in God but still waiting for Him to run them into something. As though God is just wanting to get a good laugh or two. Now take the hand of good friend or loved one. You know that if you ask them not to run you into something you can trust them. With them they can ask you to run with them and you could run with them in full confidence. That is how I want to be, I want to take the hand of God and run full speed into tomorrow. Not knowing what is coming, blind to whatever may be there, but positive that He can see. He knows, and with Him I can have confidence.

When are you going to say that statement? Can you give me a time frame so I know how long I will have to wait? Is it tomorrow, because I don't think I can handle hearing another person telling me it will be tomorrow.  When? Are you waiting for an invitation? Send me your email address and I would be happy to email you an invitation.  I will be sure to put a nice border around it to make it look official. Seriously, don't waste more of your life and years wandering about in the dark. Take the hand of God let Him lead you. Give Him everything and see what great things He has planned for you.

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