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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kim's birthday

This morning our dogs were needing to go out. As I opened the door, they burst out in a sprint barking like crazy. I noticed a large group had assembled outside of our home.  100 adorable children had marched up our path to the house to serenade Kimberly who was still sound asleep. After calming the children down from the near attack of our two vicious guard dogs, I quickly went in to awake my sleeping beauty. I don't think I have ever seen her get up and dressed so quickly. Here is a picture of the group below.

Not only did she receive a homemade gift and a song, but she received a hug and kiss from each child. If that was not enough, later that morning, the preschoolers sang to her  and she received gifts and hugs again from each child in the preschool (another 100 kids). I was told that I will never top that and not to bother to try. I guess I am off the hook for future birthdays for trying to come up with something spectacular.

She also had another birthday gift that I will have a hard time topping. It took 1 month, 5 Americans, 3 Nicaraguans, 17 Visits, 12 phonecalls, many prayers, and a few tears, but Kim received Internet at the house on her birthday. God is so good!!!

Another gift from God is how the police are so nice here. I almost always have our translator with me when I get pulled over and he is always amazed at how many times I should have gotten a ticket, but the police allow me to go without any trouble. Today, I crossed a solid white line (I know, that is sooo dangerous.)  He initially told me that a solid white line is understandable in any country and that he would have to take my license and give me a ticket. I was polite and quick to explain my reasoning and as quick as you could blink your eye, the policeman changed his mind and let me go. Our translator was shocked, he thought for sure I was going to get a ticket, and went on to explain that out of the six times I have been stopped  (they make random stops here) 3 of them they tried to ticket me and each time changed their minds.

God’s generosity continued with our electric bill.  As you may remember, our first electric bill was more than our mortgage payment in the states.  When I went into the office to discuss the bill, a man named Juan, who assisted me, happened to be one of the managers.  He has gone out of his way to help us.  After he spoke with the headquarters in Managua, he was able to cut our bill in half. Once again, our translator and friend, Yader, was shocked at the kindness shown to us.  I invited Juan to visit the school to see the work that we are involved in.  Today, he and his family attended worship services with us and he plans on coming back next week.

God has been so good in helping us every step of the way.  All praise, honor and glory go to Him.

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  1. Loved your blog today!!! You are truly in God's hands and living by His Grace! Love y'all!